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ABout Us 

In 2002 a small, college and bar-oriented, magazine was formed in Norman. Boyd Street's original  purpose was informing college students which bars had the best drink specials each night of the week, while showcasing images of college students at said bars. Over time, the magazine slowly evolved to include discussions about technology, campus romance and music. Pop culture trends also changed the content of the magazine, with a "Campus Cribs" section created not long after the popularity of MTV's Cribs spread across the US.  

Through sales of the magazine to different publishers and changes at the editorial helm, Boyd Street has slowly evolved from a campus-centric magazine to a community-wide showcase of philanthropy, service to community and family-oriented events. The magazine's current mission is to inform and entertain Norman area residents with information about upcoming events anyone can attend and enjoy, opportunities to help your fellow Norman residents and how to give back to the City as a whole. There is also a dedicated sports section covering high school and collegiate athletics, a review of new and existing restaurants as well as advice on current style trends and best places to travel throughout the year.

Boyd Street is committed to delivering to Norman the best that Norman has to offer, in every area: history, campus life, business, community, lifestyle, food, fun--you name it, we have it! This magazine is for you, our fellow community members, and we welcome your contributions. Please visit the "Issues" page to view our current issues, "Meet the Staff" for more information on our staff and contributors, and "Contact" to get in touch with us! We love feedback, so tell us what you'd like to see in Boyd Street! Thanks for reading!

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